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Re Label Creator



I am using creator 2011 can anyone tell me please how to get all the tracks from the cd I have created onto cd booklet. I have a lot of old music so I can get about

30 tracks onto the cd but when I use the auto fill it only shows the first 17 tracks.

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30 tracks on a regular CD ??????!!!!. They must be very short pieces of music. 15 to 20 tracks are about what is expected. Are you making a music DVD? What kind of files are you using? When you put the cd into your computer burner, you should see a bunch of cda files and nothing else. Is that what you see or are you just copying the audio files to the CD -- that won't play in a CD player!

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hi skins thank you for your reply. I have ripped a lot of cd's to mp3 files. So has you probably know music from the 50's and 60's were short!! So I can get anything between 28 and 30 tracks

on a cd. I remember when I had creator 5 it never use to be a problem. I have a separate cd label program but it can't read the DMSA files. So after burning the cd I try using the Roxio cd

labelling program but as I say it will only read the first 17 tracks.I must admit I am disappointed Roxio. Not everybody wants to compile modern tracks onto a cd. It's a shame because

It's such good media suite. I think Roxio should consider that not all they're customers are all of a younger age. Is there a way I can contact Roxio.

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You are NOT making a music CD ! You are making an mp3 audio disc!


1) Did you check that the font is too large to put all the text in the title box?

2) You can reach Roxio by going to the Support Tab at the top of this page and get the phone number. It will cost you and no one there (Roxio was bought out by Corel) would be willing and able to help on the obsolete program.

3) I, like you are older but I don;t want the aggravation in trying to do much with the OEM Label Creator in the program. You must know that OEM programs are limited versions of full software aka teasers. Avoid the heartburn and buy the full version of "SureThing" or other labeling software. It will do as much as any other software to help you get the names on the cd booklet. Once you burn the disc, it will read what is on it. There may be a trial version.

4) The DMSA file is a Roxio PROJECT file. Only Roxio can the rpogram you made it on will read it.

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In my Creator 2011 I have two label programs. There's Create Labels [The Express Labeler] and Create Labels - Advanced [Roxio Label Creator]. Do you have both of those?


The Express Labeler [a version of the Sure Thing Labeler] doesn't seem to have much flexibility, but the Roxio Label Creator is a bit more promising.


I just wrote up a random audio disc from MP3 files like you did. I only put 21 tunes on it because I was in a hurry, but they only took 65 minutes so it would have been easy to get 30 tunes on an 80-minute CD.


When I first did an autofill the result was like this - just clipping the bottom of the 20th tune title.





However if you click on one of the titles, not only does a box appear which can be dragged around or re-sized, but also you get to control the font type and size [see in the red box] where you should be able to adjust things to easily show 30 or more titles.






Voila! Will that do the trick for you?




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