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Ps4 And Xbox 360 Woes



I'm having the worst time with my game cap setup at the moment, so I'm hoping someone can slap me with some knowledge and I can finally figure this out.


I started a youtube channel a few months ago. Bought the original Roxio game cap. Realised that it was terrible quality by today's standards, so bought myself an HD pro. Then realised I couldn't use HDMI with my ps3. So got myself some component cables, installed software, and boom I was off.


I wanted to start recording on my xbox 360, and I'd started PC recording too by that stage, so I bought another HD PRO to avoid having to unplug 8 cables every time I wanted to use it on a different device.


Problem was, when I tried using it on my xbox, I would just either get a blue or black screen. Changed output to 1080i and finally 720p. I got the device working once on 720p on the xbox, and it's never worked again. Unfortunately I have no idea what I did so I've stuffed myself there.


Now, I get word that PS4 is now not HDCP protected anymore, and this thrills me to no end. So I plugged it in tonight, and woe is me all I'm getting are blue screens on the tv, black screens on the tv, or those horrible blue bars on the game cap. The biggest problem I'm having is I can't seem to get the Roxio Software to recognise that my card is there. I just get the red No Signal. Checked all the cables were correct, I even changed my ps4 to 1080i, made sure cables were around the right way etc etc, I still can't get ANYTHING to work.


I know the card is working correctly, I know all the cables are working correctly, when I change back over to my ps3 the software instantly changes to ready and all is well.


I don't know why my xbox and ps4 are packing such a hissy, and I know I'm doing something wrong, but I just don't know what. Would anyone care to try and help me out with this?


I'm running windows 8 but I seriously don't think the software is the problem.

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You probably can't change the FPS, 30 is normal for Progressive and 60 is needed for Interlaced to be equal to 30...


Your a little vague, what does 'hdmi appears to work fine' mean?


Do you get the Red 'Signal Protected' in that case?


Now the PS4 is not automatically compliant. Don't know when they started switching with the new firmware with the 1.70 patch and the current 1.74 includes it: HERE


Make sure you are up to date ^_^

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Here's a curve ball. After getting massively frustrated, I decided to plug my xbox into my PC monitor, via hdmi with the game cap attached. Picture showed up instantly. Intrigued, I went out to my living room tv, and tried the same thing. Picture showed up instantly again. Moved ps3 with hdmi splitter, again, perfect, exactly how it should be.


All this BS is related to my tv. There is evidently something preventing it from working correctly. I never blamed the roxio for the problems, but I never thought it would have been the tv at fault. That really blows too, because it's a brand new tv. Thanks for the help, though.

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Sorry. If I hook up my ps3 and my dvd player through the capture card they work. I get signal protected obviously.


I bought a 5 port HDMI splitter because I've wanted to use this method for a while, and I was hoping wildly that it would help with the current issues I have.

So I plugged in the splitter. Booted up my ps4 and IT WORKED. TV plugged into capture card plugged into ps4. I've watched about 60 different tutorials so I'm confident that part is set up right. My ps4 displayed correctly on the tv, and on the roxio software. Then, the ps4 wanted to update, so I did that and then the screen went blue and no dice ever since. It won't display on my tv or my roxio software anymore and I have no idea what changed. (PS., I have the latest ps4 firmware with HDCP unchecked like the tutorials tell you, and I still encountered the problems from my original post, despite the fact that it should have worked instantly)


Moving on to the ps3, I got that running through the splitter perfectly so no more signal protected. Now the problem is I get a ready signal on my software, but nothing on my tv, and the preview pane in the software is displaying garbled flouro green and now continues to crash upon opening. I am in the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the software to counter any possible errors there.

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The Red, No Signal indicates that the software does recognize the RGC Device but you have not given the device a Proper Signal...


1080i @ 60 fps is the output you want to try...


Also, your description could indicate that the HDMI portion is not working. Of course that is not likely to ever happen with 2 different Devices... You can test that another way by hooking up a different HDMI source - DVD or BD Player, anything that Outputs with HDMI.

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Like I said originally, TV comes up blank when plugging xbox to rgc and then to pc/tv. Tried adjusting screen size automatic etc etc still black screen. Considering I've had both the ps4 and xbox working ONCE, Im confident my setup is correct. I just don't know how to move forward from here.

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