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Drive reported an Error



While trying to burn a 7.8 GB Image file in Popcorn 2, I get an error message:

"The Drive reported an error:


Sense Code = 0x26


The file conatins 6 film clips and I I've recreated the Image File 3 times from scratch. If I create an Image file of the individual files separatly, I don't get the error. Also, similar Image files of different contact and size don't give an erro message.

The errror message happens immediately when trying to burn a DVD.

the discs are Verabtim and Memorex DVD+R DL

Can I salvage the file in the format I want?

java script:emoticon(':)',%20'smid_14')

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Try writing to an image file first (an option on the file menu). If it works writing to the image file, and not to the media, I would suspect a media problem.




I've created an image file multiple times in Toast 7 and then selected the file in Popcorn. I agree that it probably a media file problem. The odd thing is that if I drop any one of the original files (from 6 to 5), I don't get the error when I creat the image file and then import into Popcorn. I was hoping that the error message would pinpoint the problem.

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