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Solved Creator Nxt Pro 2 Installation Freeze



After wasting hours and days trying to get my Roxio direct purchase download to install and getting unhelpful suggestions from various forums I worked out the answer.


Shortly after starting installation it froze with the message "setup was interrupted. Your system has not been modified. To install this at a later time, please run this program at a later time". It gave no indication of what needed "modifying". After re-downloading then also trying to install using my backup disc I "registered" my product and after that it installed perfectly.


I did not realize I had to "Register" to install - I thought my Serial Key would suffice

I could not find any answer to what was a hair tearing -time wasting problem which had such a simple solution.

I hope my solution help others because from Google non-install is a common issue


My suggestion to Roxio is PLEASE amend your interruption message to simply say what is required - for example.

"Installation was interrupted. Please ensure you have first registered your product then run this Wizard again"

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Thanks for your reply - I hope the following helps:

  • Yes, during the installation process I did click on the recommended "check for updates" (no update was apparent bearing in mind my online Roxio direct purchase was the latest so should be up to date). Another time I tried not checking for updates - made no difference
  • No I did not check or see for any updates after installation - I was just pleased it had installed

Here's more to the saga:

I tried many forum and Google suggested things over ten days without success - like others, I was at the point of seeking a refund.

I had wondered whether I needed to "register" but when installing and having to type in the Serial Key I logically thought the green tick that appeared was my go-ahead

Looking at the logs (which are mainly gobbledygook to me) a code 145 was at the end but seeking Google help came up with many weird unhelpful explanations

I was leaving my "one time support" as a last resort - I had to register to get a 14 day support code (which I have not used)


The simple solution to installing was to pre-register and I suspect the many others who fell foul of the same problem as I did needed to do - hence my post


All it needs is for Roxio to change the message on their installation Wizard - give a clear simple helpful message in place of the nonsensical "Your system has not been modified"


Incidentally I have a Dell OptiPlex 64 bit with Windows 7 Pro and every other of many software have installed without problems - it was only Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2 that gave me a frustrating experience that was solved by simply pre-registering - I hope the many other frustrated users (as evident on Google) "happen on my post" so they will see this simple solution


I'm sure Roxio/Corel do not intend their Customers to go through this experience and they can help by simply changing the message on their installation Wizard


Best wises from the West Coast of Down" Under

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Sadly cdanteek despite your copious posts you are most unhelpful to the wider community on this one - you don't know everything nor own this site


Registering was the simple singular solution for me so please do not denigrate nor deny others being helped from my experience.

According to Google, installation is a frustrating problem for very many as it was for me until I worked out the simple solution.


I noted your first reply in which without explanation you asked questions about checking for updates - that has no effect on installation. I suspect you were time wasting.


"Never look a gift horse in the mouth"

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Sandgroper2013 from "the West Coast of Down Under",


You have drawn an erroneous conclusion from the one coincidence you've observed - your installation happened to work after you pre-registered.

On the strength of that one coincidence, and without the repeated testing under varying conditions that most of the gurus here do for other users, you see fit to make a personal attack on Guru Cdanteek and accuse him of time wasting. Registration is not a pre-requisite for successful installation.


You may challenge any poster's instructions or conclusions on this board with proper evidence and results of valid testing, but personal attacks are not tolerated. You have been warned. Do that again and you will lose your posting privileges.




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I did not realize I had to "Register" to install - I thought my Serial Key would suffice


I've never had to pre register Roxio software to install it!


I have a question tho, did you always have the software check for updates during your many times trying to install the software?


Did you have it check for updates when it finally successfully installed?

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