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Spanning Disabled/100Gb Disc



Getting a error message when I try to make a 100gb disc with data.(Spanning is disabled because destination disc is too small. The disc should at least have 39mb).


Tried a lot of different gbs(amout of data) and getting the same error message)



-100gb(72gb of data to be recorded)

-Sony Corperation BD-RE XL 100GB 2X Disc

-Roxio Toast titanium 11.2.3175

-ASUS SBW 06D2X-U Writer-Supports BD-RE

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You're saying that the problem appears when Toast asks for the second disc of a disc spanning project. I have a Pioneer external Blu-ray drive in a Otherworld Computing enclosure and Toast is consistently failing when writing a second copy of a disc. I also have a Sony Blu-ray drive and it didn't have that problem in the past but I haven't tried it recently. All I know from my experience is there may be some kind of communication problem Toast is having with some external Blu-ray drives that affects burning multiple discs. If so, I don't know what can be done about it. I appreciate your raising this issue and I'll do some experimenting later this week and get back to you.

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Does your burner do 100 GB disc's, BDXL Version 3 & 4 Compliant?


Does Roxio Toast titanium 11.2.3175 have a 100GB disc in it's drop down menu?


Your using RE media is it blank? RE media can and does cause folks problems.

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Added writer info above. Yes they are RE. So BD-R would be better?


Your burner supports the BDXL™ Format Support


Allows users to burn huge amounts of data on a single Blu-ray disc, up to 100GB on BD-R(TL), and 128GB on BD-R(QL)


It says 100GB on BD-R(TL) no mention of 100GB RE disc's?


Does Toast titanium 11.2.3175 support 100GB on BD-R(TL), and 128GB on BD-R(QL)?


I'm a windows guy trying to help out!

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