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How To Burn - Easy Cd & Dvd Burning


Please I have some Church audio messages in flash drive and also in my window document. Which I actually want to copy into CD . Please how do I use roxio easy CD&DVD burning to do this. Please help.

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The audio messages you have will most likely be .WAV or .MP3 files. You should copy them into one pl;ace on your hard drive. A directory or folder on your desktop is good.


[1] Run Easy CD and DVD Burning, and go to the Music/Audio menu



Under Create, click on "Burn Audio CDs". You'll see this screen then




[2] Highlight the audio messages you have put into that folder on your desktop, and drag them to where the message says "Drag Music Here". You should now see a screen something like this, with your audio messages lined up where my picture has the MP3s Hotrod, bento_extra, and Pool. Don't worry that your files will have a different icon too - not the little road-cone that mine have.





[3] Once you have all your audio messages lined up in the box [or as many as will fit - you can get 80 minutes on one CD] put a blank CD in your burner and click on the green button with the arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Follow the dialog, and your messages should be burned to the CD.






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