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Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro Capture Problem





I have an old camcorder hitatchi with only a yellow and white plug which iam trying to connect to the roxio hd pro and then through the pc via a usb so i can capture old videos and then save them on my pc. I have managed to complete it and works well but for reason it only plays on my pc as black and white video not colour although the video 8mm tape is in colour. Is there something I need to do so it can capture and save in colour. Obviously with the old camcorder being not hd and the roxio is could that be the problem. There are no other options for video out etc on the camcorder just the old white and yellow cords. Hope someone can help or maybe suggest something else i need to save my old videos


thanks for your time

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That is Composite Output...


The RGC requires HDMI or Component for its' Input.


Work arounds?


Feed your Composite into a DVD or BD Player as Input and use its' HDMI or Component Output to feed the RGC.


Buy a Composite to HD Converter ~ goggled one called a Mini for $15


Let us know what you do, I am curious ;)

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