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Divx To Dvd Problem



I had been successfully converting TV series in Divx format to DVD using Toast 7.


I usually convert 3 or 4 45min episodes to 1 DVD disc. I create a toast image then later burn that to disc.


Lately Toast 7 has been crashing during the process of creating the toast image.


Uninstalling Quicktime 7.0.3 and reinstalling Quicktime 7.0.1 fixed it temporarily but it is now crashing again. Reinstalling Quicktime 7.0.3 then uninstalling it again then reinstalling 7.0.1 didn't work again.


There is plenty of room on the hard drive (100gb or more) so that shouldn't be an issue.


Any suggestions?

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You may want to install QT 7.0.4 and also make sure you are running Toast 7.0.2

I used Appzapper to remove Toast 7.0, I then reinstalled Toast 7.0, I then upgraded to Toast 7.0.2 then installed QT 7.0.4 but when trying to create a DVD from 3 AVI files it crashed again. The individual AVI files play fine on VLC.


Any more suggestions?

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QT doesn't support AC3 at all. QT 7.0.4 fixed the AC3 Codec and other VBR decoders that QT 7.0.2 broke. The AC3 CODEC version 0.2 now works with QT 7.0.4, but I've seen some files that still crash Toast. AC3 CODEC version 0.3 fixes the crash, but some files still don't play correctly. They do encode though. I believe these are all QT bugs.

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