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Label Creator - Printing on Avery L7435



Printing inlays on Avery L7435 is not correct.


When I print the back inlay (sorry for the "bad translation", but I'm using the dutch version/install of EMC) the allignment is correct. But when printing the front inlay the allignment is way out of control (it prints directly on the left).


For the front inlay Avery L7435 has an inlay which has an "extra tab" which can be folded to the inside. This tab is on the left so when printing this should be skipped, which means the printed part of the inlay should be a lot to the right than it is printed now. Even when I ignore this "fold tab" and print on that part (which means I have to use a scissor to cut of that part on the other end) the allignment is about 2cm to far to the left.


How do I get this allignment on the right place?


I thought to use the option "kalibreren" (calibrate in English version??) to do this, but when I use this option I get an error "an unkown error occured while accessing an unnamed file". Not very helpfull.


I did some testing on the above error, and it seems to be that this error applies to every (I tested about 5 commercial "papers") commercial paper. When I use normal paper (A4) I am able to use the "kaliberen" button.


Oh yeah.... Another thing. Avery L7435 has the front and back inlay on one paper (front on top, back on bottom). I noticed that EMC/Label Creator prints the front and back inlay in two seperate runs (although I checked them both) so I always have to print it seperately. Do I overlook something, or is it just not possible to print the front and back inlay in one run?


Thanks for the help...

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