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'blips' On Cd That Can't Be Heard When Listening On Roxio

sue- stafford cam



I'm really stuck with a problem I can't figure out.

I have been using an older Roxio system for years and really not had any problems but I have just had a new computer with Roxio Creator 2012 and there is a problem. I flatten each clip to finish the tracks and prevent the sudden 'blips' that you can get after fading out. But although this seems to work on the Roxio file. When I burn the mix onto a disc there are quite loud blips sometimes even in the middle of tracks. I think it may be where other clips are coming in, but I have tried trimming the clips, fading them in ... I just don't know why it's happening. Can anyone suggest what's wrong? Thanks


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Hi Sue,


Have you stretched out the timeline fully so you may see some of the blips? I had a neighbor who also had some blips and didn;t know wheere they came from. Stretching the timeline showed here where they were and she was able to remove them. They came from dropping a needle on a record.


If not, I know sometimes there used to be "ghost" videos that showed up if the hard drive was not cleaned of temporary files. Have you removed any temp/tmp or other files from your hard drive recently? You should.


CCleaner is a excellent tool for that. You can download the free version here (link). Do not use the registry cleaner in it; in fact never use any registry cleaners. If you haven't defragmented your drive lately, that may also help with performance.


What brand of cd are you using? Have you played those cd on other players?

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Thanks Sknis

some good advice here. I have tried different CD's. The blips are mini clips from previous tracks and are only heard as a clip comes in or ends. It's really strange. I have downloaded your suggested cleaner tool so will try that next. Thanks again



Ok, with the timeline expanded (zoomed in) using "Edit Audio" you should be able to see the blips, split the music at that point and delete the blips. You can export the individual pieces of music or tie them together if you want one long piece of music.


Note: This used to work better in previous versions but I just tried it and it worked with some fiddling - due to working with previous versions..

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