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Copy And Convert Video Trouble Capturing Web Video



Used the copy and convert function to capture web video one time and it worked. I can't get the program to work again. Tried capturing you tube, facebook and even email attached videos and none are captured. Even tried different web browsers. All my video file associations are with windows media, browsers are set to accept cookies and safe active x, don't know if there is another setting I should change to get the program to start working again?

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Many people have complained about that. It MAY be because YouTube changed their program. It is well known.


There are two options (at least). There is a YouTube plug in for FireFox that works . Lately I have been using the free version of "Any Video Converter" to capture the video. All you have to do is get the URL from YouTube.


Note as with much freeware (not the plug in) , there may be some extra software that wants to install with the program. If you select to do a custom install, you can usually chose not to install the extras.

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