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Sd2F Issue





I having problem with S2DF file previously i backup all my Audio CD using toast titanium 10 and save it to external hard drive.


That time i using MAC OSX 10.6

after my mac mini faulty i get another mac mini also running on MAC OSX 10.6


i install back my toast titanium 10 when i mount my S2DF found all the audio cd merge into a single AUDIO TRACK.


any solution on this issue.


thanks ...

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Yes, that has changed. I think some others have posted a way to still mount a .sd2f as if it was an audio CD instead of an audio file. Search the Toast 11 forum and some of the other forums for sd2f to see if you can find a workaround. You can drag the sd2f into Toast where it can be played as an audio CD.

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That is strange. It has mounted as an audio CD and not an audio file yet Toast is showing it to be an audio CD with only one track. I haven't seen that before. If there were multiple tracks in the .sd2f image file of an audio CD they should be showing in your example. As for mounting on other Macs without Toast, I don't know the solution. There may be one, but I just don't know it.


You probably could use QuickTime Player or an audio editing application to separate the .sd2f file into tracks again and start over making a new project.

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i try mutiple way is till same ... i can mount no issue. Can play also but all the track merge into one track


example :

the CD i backup got

Track 01

Track 02

Track 02


but now i mount only have one Track 01 (all the 3 Track merge into one)


hope someone can help i pain to split one by one



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