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Roxio Photoshow 6 Crashes When I Want To Download My Show

Joy Gill


I paid 45 dollars and bought Photoshop 6 and installed the desktop version. The problems I am facing are:


1. While editing my show on the desktop version, the program crashes the moment I click on any photo - to move it, or edit etc. Works fine on other tabs, but this one tab (photos), it crashes! Therefore I am editing my show on the online version, which works fine.

2. In order to download my photoshow in the video format, I need to use the desktop version, as you cannot do that through online version. While downloading, the program crashes again! It's frustrating....


Help I need:


1. I bought it only 2 days back. How can I ask for a refund? Whom to email? Not finding it online.

2. Any ideas how I can resolve these issues - specially the second issue (downloading)...





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Remove your e-mail address unless you really like spam.


Are you using a PC or MAC?


Did you have your antivirus and perhaps a registry cleaner active during the install? Download a new copy of the program. Do this (link), shutdown and reboot, Shut off your antivirus, destroy your registry cleaner and try to reinstall. Do not skip any steps. You may want to remove the current version on your computer before trying the install.

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