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Settings For Stabilize Video



I have just upgraded from Creator NXT Pro (CNP) to Creator Nxt Pro 2. When using Stabilize Video In CNP, I could have acces to a Settings dialog where I coud adjust different settings such as Adjust Zoom, Tabilize Rotation and others. In CNP 2, I get the message that there is no settings for this object. The CNP 2 Help file states that the Stabilize Video Settings is accessed by double-clicking the effect in the Production Editor (exactly as in CNP). As this function is primordial to me, I need it to work correctly. Any idea how to make it work?

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It isn't going to work :huh:


We have reported it but not likely to see a fix anytime soon...


Some basics about "software fixes" you should know.


NOTHING can make up for the original shot!


Keep that in mind every time you start to use a camera or camcorder ;)


What the stabilize did was zoom in (you could choose how far) so that it could delete the edges to hold the frames.


Now if you had a family gathering you could get a more stable result but cut of the heads and sides losing several generations in the process :huh:


But to deal with what you have now, check some other software packages for it, you might be able to get a trial version and fix what you have. It did work in the Creator 2012 Suite, so you might consider picking up a used disc of that version (cheap) and go with that ;)


Let us know how you make out!

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Since the Roxio program has a sometimes bug in this function, I have resorted to a third party program called Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer. I tried the trial of it and it worked somewhat. I decided to plunk down about $15US for the easy version and it works very well. I did not need to buy the full version but if you really need it, you might look into it.


Mercalli is a product of ProDAD. If you do any editing of videos and adding effects, you should know that name.


Link to Mercalli Easy


Let us know what you think.

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