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Antivirus Programs That Include Registry Cleaners


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On another posting, a comment was made that some antivirus programs incorporate registry cleaners. A warning was made that continual use of a registry cleaner will mess up Roxio programs, and presumably other programs. It was recommended that if the antivirus program incorporated a registry cleaner, it should be turned off. Out of curiosity, I asked if anyone knew which brand(s) incorporated a registry cleaner? I believe it is an important question to ask so that viewers on this forum will know which brands to look for that have this feature.


It was decided to search the web to look for a site that offered a comparison chart of features for the many antivirus programs offered, and one was found. Scrolling through at least 60 different antivirus programs, I could not find a single antivirus program that also incorporated a registry cleaner. The programs shown were some of the most well known brands and some of the lesser know brands. If there are such antivirus programs being offered, they must be some of the very lesser known brands and most likely not marketed extensively.

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I guess that you didn't crack the "advertising code" that some companies use for registry cleaners. Norton 360 does include a registry cleaner. If you owned the program, you can schedule it to run or not run. (From what I read.) They don';t use that term but the sales pitch does say


"Automatically finds and fixes problems that can slow down your PC" and "Helps prevent crashes and keeps your PC running smoothly by removing outdated system files"


I didn;t look for others but you can look here. -Antivirus that contains registry cleaners..


Not all registry cleaners will wreck software; only the more aggressive ones. When a person complains that it used to work and now it doesn't and they didn't do anything, often the first question asked is about Registry Cleaners. It is safer to not use them. I don;t know anyone who can really prove that registry cleaners improve computer performance -- why chance it?

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Steve is right, almost all of them have but go to lengths to cover that tu rd with whipped cream :lol:


My little riding mower has a Backup Safety Device to keep you from Inadvertently Engaging Reverse...


It is a metal tab that has to be pushed out of the way with one hand while moving the shift lever into reverse. Since BOTH are located below the seat on the right side you are more likely to fall off the mower before you get in reverse :huh:


But the sales people assure me that it 'is a Feature'...


I defeated mine with a cloths pin :P


You get the analogy.

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